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SRT Products


Get Trained

SRT has partnered with a handful of its vendors to offer product training and demos to governement agencies and organizations. Some of the products for which training and demos are available include less-lethal, NBC, Night Vision and Thermal Imaging.

Test and evaluation available for law enforcement, military and related customers ONLY. Requests must be made on Department letterhead and authorized . Product cannot be expendable and must be returned within 30 days in new condition.

INTERESTED? If you are affiliated with a law enforcement agency or organization located WITHIN the state of Florida or Georgia, please contact your assigned territory representative via the information below:

Field Sales Reps

Photo Name/Territory/ E-mail
Picture of AP Computer Science
Sean Letona
Central Florida

(727) 243-4342


Richard Haddad
South Florida

(954) 445-2065


Fred Nichols
North Florida Sales

(727) 600-1875
Ron Rogers
West Central Florida


(727) 452-2633
Ken Rose
(770) 712-9674

All others please contact Pat Wood@



(727) 526-5451




Customer Service

Phone: 1-727-526-5451
Email: info@srtsupply.com

M-F 9 am - 5 pm Eastern

Our Guarantee:  We will never knowingly disappoint you.  If your order or service does not meet  your expectation, contact us, and we'll make things right...period.