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SRT Products

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Request a Quote Form
Please fill out form completely and e-mail, fax or "snail-mail" for quote.

ATF Exemption Certificate

If you are with a Tax Exempt Agency you will need the ATF Tax-Exemption Certificate.

ATF Individual Officer Purchase Letter

If you are purchasing a weapon with Law Enforcement Only magazines, you will need this form.

Flashbang Purchase Sample Letter

If you are ordering Flash Bangs from CTS you will need this form

Sample Letter for Export
If you are planning on exporting orders from SRT Supply you will need this form.

Paca Body Body Armor - Fitting Form

Men / Women

Point Blank Body Armor - Fitting Form

Men / Women



Customer Service

Phone: 1-727-526-5451
Email: info@srtsupply.com

M-F 9 am - 5 pm Eastern

Our Guarantee:  We will never knowingly disappoint you.  If your order or service does not meet  your expectation, contact us, and we'll make things right...period.